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  • Retiring in Ecuador

    The best place to retire in Ecuador is Guayaquil

    Retirees come visit Guayaquil, you will be glad you came and you will want to stay here.

    My name is Jerry Lowery I am from Mobile Alabama. I am retired and living in Guayaquil Ecuador. I have had numerous request from retirees everywhere asking me about living in Ecuador. I retired to Ecuador 3 years ago. I offer this service to people who are retired and would like to learn more about Ecuador. I receive none of the monies from this service as the cost of living here is so good that I live the good life on my retirement income. I also have money left over from my monthly retirement to travel. All monies goes to the tour guides and taxi drivers. To ask a question or to arrange a tour contact me at jerry3746@gmail.com

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    Do I look like a native?

    Why retirees want to live in Ecuador!

    Everybody is talking about retiring to Ecuador. Ecuador is the number one place to retire in the world. At one time Mexico was where retirees went. But the drug lords stopped this. Then they moved to Costa Rica but the influx of retirees and tourist drove the cost of living up there. Now the place to retire is Ecuador. One of the few places in the world where you can find the right climate for you. If you desire the cool weather then move to the Andes. The cities such as Quito or Cuenca offer this kind of climate. If you like a warmer climate then the place to come to is on the Ecuador Coast. This is my favorite climate and my favorite city is Guayaquil. Beautiful Guayaquil with a perfect temperature between 70 and 80 degrees every day, year round.

    Guayaquil Guayaquil
    Beautiful Downtown Guayaquil
    July25 July25
    July 25 a 2 days festival celebrating Guayaquil Founder's Day

    Love the beaches? They are only a short drive from Guayaquil Ecuador!

    The beaches (playas) of Ecuador beckons you. The most beautiful and festive of these is Montanita. It is located about 2 hours by bus from Guayaquil. Cost of the bus trip to montanita is about $3. Ecuador has many beaches along it's west coast but none of them are as pretty and festive as Montanita. I have been to all of Ecuador beaches and believe me Montanita is heads and shoulders above all.

    Surfing Love
    Fun Fun Fun!
    Beach Beach

    Come let us show you what Guayaquil has to offer. Rent an apartment for a short visit and see the city!

    If you would like to find out more about Guayaquil and if it fits your style for a place to retire then come on down. We offer you for $130 dollars a day an 8 hour escorted excursion through Guayaquil. You will travel around Guayaquil in a clean taxi. We will show you everything you need and want to know about Guayaquil.

    Taxi Taxi
    Good Taxi Service!

    We will show you the many homes for rent or to buy in Guayaquil. There's a home here that will fit your budget

    We will show you homes in the many different guarded communities in Guayaquil. You can buy or rent a home in one of these communities. A guarded community is a small subdivision located inside a restricted compound. The compound is enclosed by a high wall all around it. It has a high masonry wall that is about 10 feet high with 4 strands of electric wire atop it that adds an additional 4 feet to it's height. There is only one entrance into the compound. Any unknown vehicle or person entering this compound are checked upon entering and checked again upon leaving. About every 30 minutes a guard will pass your home and if he sees anything out of the ordinary he will stop and investigate. If your door is opened and nobody can be seen he will go to your door and find out why it was left opened. The price on rental homes in one of these compounds range from about $200 dollars a month for a small 3 bedroom house to several thousand dollars for a home in one of the more elaborate communities.

    Guardhouse Guardhouse
    All compounds have guarded entrances !
    Home Home
    Homes in upscale community
    home Home
    Inside views of homes
    home Home
    These are views of my 3 bedroom home and my street. I pay $275 a month rent.

    The amities in the communities are many and varied. They will satisfy both the young and older residents

    There are many amities in these communities such as swimming pools, parks to stroll in, plagrounds for children to play in and different courts for people to play sports such as basketball, soccer vollyball etc.... Every morning and evening you can see residents walking or jogging around the community with no thought of some one doing harm to them. My favorite thing is to look out my computer room window to watch the little children playing in the plaground/park in front of my house.

    Pools Pools
    Swimming pools for both adults and children
    Playground Playground
    Each community has many playgrounds for children
    Sports Sports
    Courts are built to accommodate team sports.

    The most beautiful and interesting place in the world is the Galapagos Islands. 90% of all travelers to the Islands come through Guayaquil

    Guayaquil is the jumping off place for the Galapagos Islands. There are several air lines that travel from Guayaquil to the Galapagos Islands. The best place to start your tour of the Galapagos is from the Island of Santa Cruz. There are many different types of cruises to be found in Santa Cruz. There you can find cruises that use use both large boats and small boats. The large boats are more comfortable but using the smaller boats you get to see places the larger boats can't go.

    Galapago Galapago
    Galapagos Island .
    Galapago Galapago
    Galapagos Island .
    Galapago Galapago
    Galapagos Island

    Guayaquil has several major supermarkets

    With names such as SuperMaxi, Megamaxi, Hipermarket, TIA, and Mi Comisariato, Guayaquil is blessed with many USA style super markets. Here you will find most of the items you would find in a similar market back in the USA. The names of most items are different but their tastes are the same.

    Guayaquil has a record number of Beautiful malls.

    One web site list over 50 malls in Guayaquil. Of course a lot of these malls are a shopping area where there are two or more stores. Never the less Guayquil does have some of the most beautiful malls in existence. Beautiful two and three story buildings that's home to many many retail stores. They house franchise restaurants such as Chilis, Fridays, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Tony Romas and food courts with such fast foods restaurants as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut and many more. Below are photos of some of the big malls. They have computer stores, shoe stores, applicances stores, sports equipment and clothing stores.

    Although a person can find any food item they want in the modern super markets a lot of Ecuadorans still prefer the mercados which is a spanish name for market .

    Guayaquil is blessed with the perfect weather for growing cheap,fresh, healthy, foods year round. Fresh fruits and vegetables are in abundant supply. Grass fed beef, poultry and pork are plentiful and cheap. Being on the coast all types of seafood are also in abundant supply. There are many Mercados located across Guayaquil.They sell these food supplies as well as different crafts made by local artisans.